Episode 37: Kevin Henderson

Shetland fiddling wizard Kevin Henderson talks about growing up in the Shetland Islands, where Scottish and Scandinavian culture collide and many fiddle tunes are written by the mysterious and magical Trows. Kevin opens up about the experience of making music and touring with Boys of the Lough, Fiddlers' Bid, Nordic Fiddlers Bloc and Session A9 and discusses the challenges and rewards of balancing new musical projects with fatherhood.  

Tunes in this episode: Opening: Halls Lilla Vals (Hall's Little Waltz) [from Halsingland, Sweden, recorded with Nordic Fiddlers Bloc] 

Ending: Faroe Rum / Anndowin At Da Bow / Da Forfeit O' Da Ship [trad Shetland tunes, recorded on Kevin's solo CD]

Kevin's Website: http://kevinhenderson.co.uk/

Nordic Fiddlers Bloc: http://www.thenordicfiddlersbloc.com/

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