Episode 27: Lamine Touré

One of the top traditional musicians of Senegal, Lamine Touré shares his depth of knowledge as a member of a griot family: a 1000+ year line of tradition bearers. Lamine sits down with Neil to discuss how he ended up living and teaching in the Boston area while travelling the world sharing his sabar drumming, singing and dancing. 

[music in the episode: Jang (meaning "study") which speaks about the importance of studying hard in order to have a good life; and Donald Willie and his Dog, which is a Scottish pipe jig from South Uist, written by D. Morrison]

Lamine's website: laminetoure.com

Lamine's email: laminesabar [at] yahoo.com

Soulsha (Afro-Celtic Funk band which Lamine and Neil play in): www.soulshamusic.com