Episode 30: Allan Henderson

One of the foremost exponents of Scottish Highland music and Gaelic culture around today, Allan Henderson sat down with Neil while on a solo tour of storytelling and fiddling in the Northeast US. Listen in as they discuss the current state of Gaelic, Allan's years as a member of Blazin' Fiddles and how much of an invasive species the piano accordion has been in that part of the world. This episode was sponsored by the Monadnock Folklore Society. www.monadnockfolk.org   

[Music in this episode: MacDonald of the Isles March to the Battle of Harlaw (trad) / Pipe Major Sam Scott (Peter R MacLeod)  and  Doctor James Donaldson (Ronnie Cooper) / The Dashing White Eejit (Allan Henderson)]

Some pertinent references to follow up from the interview:

Blazin' Fiddles: https://www.blazinfiddles.com

The Knoydart Peninsula: 5 min video about it from The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/travel/video/2013/jun/11/britain-wilderness-scotland-knoydart-peninsula-video

Other Bands/Musicians: Boys of the Lough,  Angus Grant Sr,  Aly Bain