Episode 32: Corey DiMario

Bassist of Crooked Still and CEO of Concert Window, Corey DiMario joins Neil to share his journey from completely dropping music after his sophomore year at Eastman School of Music to rediscovering his passion through the traditional music scene in Boston, going back to music school and founding one of the most distinctive bands in American folk music. 

[Music in this episode: Lissa's Jig (Corey DiMario) and How High the Moon (Morgan Lewis)]

Follow up on Corey's work through the following projects:

Crooked Still: www.crookedstill.com

Lissa Scheckenburger: www.lissafiddle.com

GennaRose Nethercott's Modern Ballads: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modernballads/modern-ballads-an-album

Concert Window: www.concertwindow.com

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