Episode 36: Andrea Beaton

Fiddler, pianist and tune writer Andrea Beaton caught up with Neil just before playing a dance at the Canadian American Club in Watertown, MA. She talks about growing up in Cape Breton as the child of Kinnon and Betty Lou Beaton, two giants of traditional music on the island and how her relationship with music changed from being embarrassed to be associated with the fiddle to recording her own albums and writing some of the most popular contemporary tunes. 



Tunes played in this episode: First set: Jigs from Andrea's family. Second set: PEI tunes: Carter MacKenzie (Kevin Chaisson) / Peter and Dorene's / Dot MacKinnon's

Andrea's answer to Tim's Patreon question:  "Hi Tim - There are many staple tunes that would be great to learn. I'll name a few that are popular on the Island and are often heard in sessions throughout North America and beyond: Brenda Stubbert's Reel, Hull's Reel, Jack Daniel's Reel, the Mortgage Burn Reel, Stan Chapman's Jig. Now for some really traditional Cape Breton stuff.... The Kings' Set - King George IV and King George V Strathspeys, King's Reel, Old King's Reel, Miss Lyall Reel.  Miss Lyall Strathspey, Devil in the Kitchen Strathspey are two other good ones. Finally, the wedding reels. These are 3 reels in A commonly played together. I don't know the name of the first one but the second and third are Hamish the Carpenter and Put me in the Big Chest"

Musicians mentioned in this episode:  Kinnon Beaton, Betty Lou Beaton (Parents),Howie MacDonald (fiddler), The Rankin Family (band), Natalie MacMaster, Ashley MacIsaac, (fiddlers, "Natalie and Ashley") Shelly Campbell (fiddler), Marian Dewar (piano, also mother of Allan Dewar, great pianist himself), Fin Moore (Scottish bagpiper), Ward MacDonald (PEI fiddler), Tim Chaisson (PEI fiddler), Mac Morin (piano), Troy MacGillivray (piano and fiddle)


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